20% of all Sales in 2020 will be donated to the "Helping Families Handle Cancer Foundation"


Illuminating Life's Memories

We take literally any image of pets, a wedding, family members, a favorite movie scene, movie poster, favorite sports team, company logo, design etc. and make it into a personalized 3D printed lithographic piece of art. Your art can then be placed in a window with natural back lighting or we can provide a means of back lighting in a frame or night light.


Step 1

Purchase item and upload photo(s), images, or logos.

Step 2

We edit your photo and 3d print your Lithophane.

Step 3

We ship your Personalized Custom Item to you to proudly display.

What we do!

Start with a Picture

We start with your picture and crop it to the appropriate size and shape depending on the product you order. We change it to black and white and adjust the contrast.

3d Print

We then convert the picture to a code that the printer recognizes and print it using a plant based biodegradable PLA (Polylactic acid) plastic.

Just Add Light

Next just add light and see what happens. You get the pure Lithophane that goes in a window or in front of a light source or a backlit lamp or framed picture.